Get results in minutes, regardless of the amount of samples. Our scalable cloud infrastructure takes care of the


Skip the setup and enjoy reproducible results out of the box.


As bacteria, tools and pipelines evolve, SoluOS was built to keep up with the industry.

Upload your raw reads. See results in minutes.

Solu is the fastest way to perform 90% of routine workflows for bacteria, helping you to get your next paper out faster.

Assembly & QC

Upload your FASTQ reads. There is no step 2. Your results will be done by the time you’ve refilled your coffee.

Genome explorer

Solu automatically finds, annotates and visualizes AMR genes, functional proteins, plasmids, phages and other interesting mutations. Happy hunting!

Public datasets

We're migrating most of ENA and SRA genomes for you to inspect and to use in your research.
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Migrate your data or start from a blank slate

Import your genomes easily using our direct integrations. Or let our onboarding team handle the data transfer.
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Get early access

We work with a limited number of beta testing partners to provide the a smooth experience to everyone. Let us know if you're interested to be one of them.